Vi’s Closet

So, this the post where I’m suppose to introduce myself and the probable content of my wordpress account.

To start off I am Vi and as the name suggest I am Bi. Anyone who might read this blog is free to speculate where this preference will lead but those will remain speculation unless I say so. Anyway, call me old-fashioned but I still keep my preference a secret that is why I only shared a post of my name. In the real world,  I’m still hiding in the closet. However,  I chose to name this blog as “throughcloset” because this should become my outlet for unsaid thoughts, frustrations, and other things that life will throw at me. At least until I know where I am headed or decide to come out.

I choose wordpress because my other social network accounts are infested with people who know me but really don’t.

Isn’t it ironic that there would be people I don’t know who knows the real me but don’t know me? (whatta mouthful)


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