David Levithan

So far David Levithan is my favorite author. The world he creates in his books is the third sexes dream world. With all its perks, I wish I live in the world of his books. Yes, there are times the characters are hurt, humiliated or even hated but despite all that they have someone who loves them deeply. And that makes it a fantasy, I don’t know if I’m blind for things like that or I’m just in love with the concept of love that every relationship I get my self involved is unrequited.

I would love to have that someone whose simple presence makes me feel blessed, whose words makes me feel that I am not alone and whose hug makes me feel loved.

We would enjoy doing each other’s hobby. Lay side by side staring blankly at the ceiling. Doing each other’s homework in either of our rooms. Someone to visit places normal people won’t go.

I wish to be alone, alone with someone. I am not crazy by saying alone when in fact I wanted to be with someone. I intentionally said alone because the two of us is so compatible or alike that it is as if I am alone with myself manifested in another person. I would love that. All of us want the right person. All of us want that.

…..and that is why I fall in love with books. Aside from a great story, I find it miraculous that I find a fictional character whom I can relate to. It’s similar to the feeling of finding my partner in real life. The feeling referred to as SPARK.

and the tragic truth I always have to face at the end of the book is that I can never find someone like that character in real life.


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