Attraction(Or Whatever you call it)

This post involves severe admiration or infatuation to some people. Please be guided accordingly.

First, let us discuss my jpop fandom. I am a fan of Hey!Say!JUMP and Nakayama Yuma. Within HSJ, i am severely biased To Chinen Yuri.

Chinen's Hottest Photo so far

I just love his voice, those japanese eyes, that goofy smile (shown below), his graceful dance (he had ballet lessons), and he is into gymnastics. I also love how small he is and his dorkiness behind the scenes.he always makes me smile when ever I see him.


Next is someone frome my life, I cant post his photos here but I’ve got the longest crush on him.  My admiration towards him is much longer that his current relationship with his girlfriend. I had a crush on EJ for more than 3 years, he’s been with his girlfriend for like 2 years. But that doesnt matter anyway, I am strangely happy for them(even if it hurts sometimes). I knew him when I was a sophomore. The story is quite interesting.

When I first saw EJ I didn’t know his name but I can’t stop looking at him. I tried searching his name but no one knows him. It is as if I am the only one who saw him. I liked that mysterious part of him. Since then I searched for his name and tried to have a glimpse of him everyday. I was finally introduced to him when my ex-girlfriend became his classmate(yes. I am friends with my ex). He started to join the group and I was finally introduced to him. Boy oh boy I am so happy when I finally said Hi to him without even sounding such a weirdo but my smile is too wide and kept telling corny jokes. Such a dorky day for me..

I love his black eyes, his meek smile, his deep voice, talk stature, his slow movements and the mystery that envelopes him. He either spends time with his girlfriend or a lot of time alone. I admire his fidelity. I love him more because he is near me and it is more possible to have a conversation with him than Chinen. He plays the guitar too.

I cannot share his face but his smile can be enough.


I miss you already.


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