First Day of Work.

I don’t know if it’s work that  I am doing or just helping out. I currently work as a cashier in our family business. Funny, I am a graduate of a course inclined in medicine and I work as a cashier/office clerk. While waiting to get my license to practice this is much better compared to doing nothing at all.

Our canten caters in a call center. I had been always fascinated with their jobs. At first I thought they were sort of cranky because they work at night and lack sleep. But they were not and only a few are cranky and that was understandable. They have a great sense of humor and reminded me of my internship at the hospital.

Ialso felt comfortable because a lot of them belong to the third sex. Theu are comfortable about it. They can also wear pajamas to work. Their job fascinates me but I’m not that fluent with conversational english. I said to myself back when I was an undergraduate that I wanna try working as a call center agent. WhenI told my friends this, they found it absurd. Well, dreamers gotta dream.

“Thank you for giving the exact amount, Sir!”


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