” I live in a world where the victims are deprived of their rights while the criminals responsible for that have their rights protected by the authorities.”

Such a crappy reality in my opinion.

It’s all over the news. You have murderers protected from being mugged, burglars placed in the cell and rapist taken into custody. I’ll be totally honest I don’t understand much about the law or Human rights but I believe rights are for people who deserves them and knows how to use it and not abuse it.

I feel this certain angst everytime I watch news and see someone gets arrested for brutally murdering someone and they get place in jail with their faces covered with anything they can thing of. While the victim is barely recognized by the grieving family. The criminals placed in cells for them to rot the rest of their lives while the victime is placed in a closed casket. The criminal waits for his trial to be freed while the grieving family wait for the trial to get justice but the pain of having someone in the family murdered last forever.

The main argument here is “what if the suspect is innocent?”doesn’t he deserve the those rights? Of course he does. But my rant is for those who are obvious criminals. Accusations supported by evidence and caught committing the crime.


….I feel relieved already 🙂


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