An Unfinished Debate

I arrived home after my night duty hoping to have good night (or in this case “day” sleep). Unfortunately for my ever so wandering mind stumbled one of my unfinished arguments in the past.

“Can you love two persons at the same time and same degree?”

A concept I easily dismissed with a “No” The concept was introduced by my ex girlfriend (yes I did have one). It never occurred to me that I can love two persons at the same time with the same degree. Which is her belief because at that time she was in love with me and unconditionally loving someone else bordering into martyrdom. Anyway, it didn’t bother me. I love her. I loved her that is all that matters. Back to the topic.

Can you love two persons? I ask myself.

If No, I can’t think of any explanation. Have I been enslaved by the popular idea of monogamy or the notion of soulmates that I am unable to think rational explanation to my answer and dismiss the idea as entirely preposterous? That is not me. I prefer to understand things in depth much like when I choose yes for this question.

If yes, I think It can be likened to your love to your parents but the question that bothers me most is “can your love be equal to both?” of course not. I love my parents but I’m much closer to my mother even if I love my father. But if I say no then I am suggesting that love can be quantified which opposes another belief of mine which is Love cannot be quantified. If I say yes, a present myself with a classic dilemma. The boat is sinking in the middle of the ocean I am with two precious persons in my life. The only way for most of us to live is to push someone out and let him or her drown. It is clear that whoever I choose to stay with me is person whom I love more.

And the cyle goes back looking for an appropriate answer… for now I settle for….

“I guess it is much easier to tell someone you love them than telling them how much you love them. The difference lie between what you let them know and what you let them feel.”


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