Ignorance and Over dependence

Two things that gets on my nerves when “it’s time of the month” (it’s not menstruation, but something a slightly similar) You know when you feel easily irritated due to lack of sleep, or just having a bad day. Wanting to rip someone’s face just for the reason they have that face.

So okay, I’m slightly feeling that way today due to lack of sleep. I was scrolling through my feed in facebook(the best place to find well documented lives, idiosyncrasies, as well as stupidity) a fresh graduate like me and licensed posted in a group I am a member of is asking where she can find a job with high pay.

….ugh… Some common sense, if i find a high paying job I think I would try to apply for it since I am the one who found it.

Then another batchmate of mine asked about the documents required to apply for a certain certificate.

…..doesn’t he have the energy to go and search for it in the official website of the organization giving the certificate?

In our feeds I believe we have this certain friend who updates his or her status every 15 minutes, feeding us quotes from movies, telling us whatever he or she is feeling and doing, and whatever drama he or she is experiencing like howgood it feels to be single but after a while will post something entirely opposite or trying to get noticed by someone, comment or get likes…..I MEAN ELECTRONIC LIKES…….but by the looks of it, more of a REAL LIFE DISLIKES.

The best thing to do is to release some steam.One ways is to write about it without proofreading and sleeping. I just did the first one and about to do the second so thank you for reading.


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