The Lighted Candle

It’s November 1 again, the day we remember our departed loved ones. Lighting a candle for them during this day is believed to guide them through their journey to heaven. We visit and stay with them for awhile at the cemetery, even for one day to make them feel remembered we pray to make them feel loved.

It had been an annual trip for my family to got to the cemetery at this time of year. I contemplated on a candle once and had this idea…

I believed that we chose to light a candle because it represented us crying over our loved ones. As the melted wax resembled our tears when we cry. The candle cries for us when we no longer have tears to shed. Aside from that, the fire that gives light and warmth represents our love, hoping it will be seen and felt by our loved ones.

The sad truth today is that most people let the candle shed wax tears and provide light and warmth to the departed souls. Just the candle. Meanwhile our tears harden and our fire die, making us a cold unlit candle.


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