I have this feeling towards my mother recently because a close cousin of hers got married and she didn’t even get an invitation. Actually,  she was not informed about it personally,  she just heard it from other relatives who were invited.

It’s a bit shallow but a lot of things had happen between her and her extended family. It’s quite dramatic actually.

You know those types of people who wants you to remain in the social level you belong like If you’re born poor you have to stay poor. Unfortunately, her aunt’s husband and her aunt is like that. When we were still below them, they had my mother do household works. It was nothing for my mother as she looks at it as their way of helping us. But when my father grabbed a good job opportunity far from them and raised the family to the level we are in now, their true color was finally revealed.

To cut the story short, they had arguments and it was never settled. Until now they are in a Cold War, my mother tried to stay in good terms with them but everytime it happens, they kept hurting her again.

It’s just sad that her beloved cousins, who were also close to her and treats her like a real big sister goes on with their lives. Even though they want to have a chat with her, they can’t as it would stir up things again. Same goes for my mother.



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