The Chaos of the Rain

Here comes the chaos of the rain.
A million drops ripples the tranquil waters.
Every drop piereces through the image it used to reflect
The once clear waters, now speckled with the disturbed sand
Fishes swim blindly through it, as the invisible enemy hits them
Frogs leap out but croaks for their little tadpoles
Weeds uprooted and the trash of the land comes
The chaos destroys everything.
It changes the landscape.
It seems the end, but…

After awhile everything slows down and eventually stops.
The sand settle, the waste decay, the ripples spread to non existence
The water becones tranquil again, clear and livable
Fishes come back and Frogs mate
The clear blue sky reflected

Even though what once was loss never came back
The waters where the rain fell is still there
Even if the chaos of the rain comes back
It will always be there.

It’s not about the end and losing. It’s all about starting all over again.

That is what we fear of doing but we always have to do it.


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