The Irony of a Pretending Plot

Is it just me who notice that love stories that starts with a man and woman pretending to be in love ends up being in love by the end of the story?

I don’t want to sound bitter and fairytale-crusher, but it makes me think that it’s actually the opposite in real life. Before I explain further, I don’t expect a fictional story to closely resemble reality as fiction is in my opinion an escape to a crappy reality. I’m not one of those people who hates a fictional story for not being real enough. I hate those people, they’re just being stupid. It’s like complaining the river is not salty enough.

Anyway, in real-life in my opinion, people find their pair and gets deeply in love with each other but after a while each of them starts to pretend to one another and both of them to other people. A person in a relationship pretends to be fine to prevent the other from worrying while the other pretends not to notice even if it worries him or her. Sometimes couples pretend everything is going fine in their relationship in front of other people while the same people pretend they don’t notice but actually does and starts to talk about them.

Yes, pretending and lying to each other comes regardless of what stage in the relationship. When the relationship last, even when couples pretend it translates to something truthful. I believe that is the fairytale in reality. A happily ever after.

How would I want a fictional story that begins with pretending go?

Since I am weird and a bit excluded from the general idea of a romatic fiction. I’d prefer something else. And that is how I love a movie or fiction, by giving me something else. It is difficult to write a story, based on my experience, and there is no general idea that all people will like, there is a general idea for MOST people to like but never all.

So the story begins with a couple pretending to be a couple…..I’ll just settle with them finding out somethimy beautiful in the end. Because that is what’s important. 🙂


One thought on “The Irony of a Pretending Plot

  1. love stories are so repetitive! and they try to wrap everything in pink pollythene. that is why i almost always get bored to my teeth by the time i have read them first time and almost never repeat them.

    honestly even though love stories are the easiest way to reader’s heart i just cant dish out one!


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