Your Lie in April

Thanks to Princeytay I stumbled upon another great anime. Before I explain further I’ll tell you a background regarding my anime watching style…..

I forgot what people call the type of people who watch a series in one go….but I am one of those type. I tend to watch series that are completed and if it’s not I don’t watch it even if my friends recommend it. It’s like Bulk-watching. I will spend an entire day if I have to just to finish it.

Now, back to this anime I am into right now…Is based on a manga entitled “Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso” or “Your Lie in April” and is an ONGOING SERIES. Both in Manga and Anime. What the hell did I get myself into?

Now, How and why did I love this series?
I visited the site of a blogger who liked my previous post, just out of curiosity. I actually just scanned his latest post until I saw his post on Sakamichi no Apollon which I watched a long time ago and still keep the copy for reapeat watching. (yes I save the anime I watched and liked, the entire series for repeats and that is why I have PC memory problems.) I said to myself, if the review was good on Sakamichi no Apollon this blogger and me must have similar taste onto anime. I looked for an anime he gave a great review and I found Your Lie in April. So, I googled it first and made my necessary reasearch. First off, the translation of the title caught my interest because a long time ago someone told me a lie on April 30 causing an unforgettable pain and anger. This title is taunting me… I read further. Second, it’s a musical anime, the types of anime me and my ex recommend to each other. So ot brings a lot of anime. Third, the boy has glasses and pretty much lives in a black and white life, perceiving life in a monotone, colorless, dull and letting life just move. (like the guys from hyouka, sakamichi, and here etc.) characters with these kind of view reminds me of me and I can simply relate to them. the thing about glasses, it reminds me of the person I had been admiring for years now.

Without hesitation I downloaded the existing episodes (up to episode 6) and watched them all. Hoping that the other episodes are in another site, I watched the 6 episodes even if I was just from a night duty. I got hooked to the humor, that cliche chemistry,the musical scores used and the couple. By the end of episode 6, I just found out that it’s still airing and the manga is ongoing.

So this is how it feels to wait….I hate it….but now that I can’t delete what I’ve watches in my memory, I have to wait….

P.S. I watch Detective Conan but got delayed by education so after 8 years I finally continued from Episode 52 and now in just a week watched 30 episodes. And I am not deleting them.

I also recommended Your lie in April to my Ex. Haha


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