SB Exp: Peppermint Mocha

I have always liked this drink since the firat time I bought one using my Christmas gift. There is just something Christmas-y in the minty after taste. I had bren a fan of the Classic Mocha but if peppermint is added to it. It’s suddenly Christmas.

I remember buying one during the last day of school before Christmas break. It was the last day so naturally friends would invite to go out, and so we did. We had Karaoke, Arcade, dinner and window shopped. Being in such a hype, it’s quite difficult to say goodbye. I got left behind and felt depressed. I ordered a hot peppermint Mocha Venti size and a cheesecake. For the first time bought venti and dined in alone. (that venti almost drowned me btw). It just so happen that during that day my friends told me that they notice our instructor had been pinning on me and talking behind my back. They just comforted me by saying that she is a crazy head, because I am not doing anything wrong.

During my stay there that night I read along Paolo Coelho’s page and found interesting quotes in relation to what I felt. I wrote them down on the tissues the Barista gave.

My night ended feeling like a drunk. Going home at 11 pm with messy hair and oily face. But no matter how much coffee I drank that night, I was able to sleep.


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