Starbucks Experience

I’ve been going to Starbucks frequently. Now that I’m earning money, buying one grande cup would feel less of a burden. I used to feel like that when they offer me to buy a cup because to them it’s just coffee. But for me, it’s more than that.

Since I feel adventurous about what blend I’ll take and comvine that with my heavy thinking I might be able to share something about. By the taste of the blend or look of it. I might share a memory I remember while taking a sip, I might draw out a character from that drink or anything my weird brain thinks of…since I spend a LOT of time thinking.

Just to prove that it’s just not about the coffee.


4 thoughts on “Starbucks Experience

      1. Its just a program where you load money on a giftcard and then for every purchase you make you get a certain amount of stars. Theres different perks for how many stars you get. Its a free app and I already purchase the coffees anyway so why not get rewarded for it. Plus you get a free one on your birthday month.


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