Life can be easier

With the declining residual effect of caffeine, I am spending my conscious time scrolling through my newsfeed in facebook. The place where I can get excited and pissed off with the people I know without them knowing about it.(I can do that in front of them though, but it’s much more difficult)

So okay, I have this acquaintance who is into a fandom right now. I’ve known her to be quite studious and diligent but now I’m starting to find her slightly annoying. She is now into a fandom. I am into a fandom as I have said before BUT I do not participate into engaging wars to another fandom, making accusations and try force down at people’s throats that their idol is the best. It’s like HP vs. Twilight or Team Edward vs. Team Jacob all over again. I have other important things to do than that.

I have no desire in forcing my beliefs onto others. I am simply sharing them and they have the liberty to choose whether to believe them or not. If they do not, I would simply respect their side and I also expect them to do the same to me. Simple.

Walk away. I avoid unnecessary arguments. Most importantly, I never start an argument. But I defend myself when necessary and I make sure the statement I make would be short and direct to the point that the argument would end there. And of course I believe in the quote “don’t raise your voice, improve your argument”

So anyways, this post was suppose to be about making life easier then as I continue to write it became something about argument. I don’t want to change the title because its is much easier to just go on and move forward.

Life can be easier if you move forward.

What did I do about the acquaintance that caused me to rant here? I hid all her post and unfollowed her, that way I can keep her in my friend list but she cannot disrupt the pleasure of scrolling down my feed and my peace. If I want an update about her in like a year or 5 years from now I can just visit her profile. I did that instead of posting status that would certainly misfire. I wrote here since this is my blog and I think I am not forcing people to read it.

Life can be easier if you don’t react to everything.

Somebody bumped you? You lived…..ignore
Didn’t apologize? You lived….let it go
Didn’t apologize and blamed you? You lived, pay attention, apologize, walk away.
Didn’t apologize, blames you and insults you? You still live, ignore, walk away leave them frustrated.
Tries to physically harm you? Fight for your life. Don’t ignore. Send that bastard to hell first.(okay I got carried away) either follow the system or do not let the system catch you.

Life can be easier…


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