(This thought came up while watching the movie “God’s Not Dead”)  

I became intrigued by the concept of freedom. But first I was introduced to this concept in our history classes from elementary through college. Freedom is something that everybody desires and will fight for to the death. Heroes were declared as such in defending it and infamy comes to those who took it away. There had been conflicts, mostly resulting into violence, regarding it. But this post won’t be about the freedom of an entire country, but rather just a single person.   It is cliché to say that many people are still in cages and desiring the freedom I am talking about. However, it’s them that deprive themselves of their freedom. I know,because I am one of them.  

 To illustrate my point, Imagine a bird cage. Society is every railing or bars that make it up, the people I know and find dear are those nearest the opening of the cage and I am the bird.  Even if there is an opening  or a door to go outside, I wouldn’t go because In that cage I am secure, I find each bar of that cage dear to me and if I go I have to leave them. Leaving would be difficult. Being in a cage for a long time made me develop feelings for what encloses and kept me away from freedom. Eventually as time passes by I will grow develop and infatuated by the idea of freedom that the cage is starting to get smaller and less comfortable. Starting to feel like a prisoner than something to be protected. When the time is right I will get out, but by then I realize that the opening did not grow as big as me. Throughout the years that passed by, not once did I prepare to widen the opening. To prepare them that I will eventually go and leave. Now that freedom is within reach I cannot go out of the cage. It has become difficult but not impossible.  I will be painful to try to and fit myself through the small opening, scratching my wings, injuring me and even if I do come out I will fall on the ground with no one to help me. I may seem like I have lost everything but time heals everything.Eventually I’ll be able to fly again in through the wind of freedom. Eventually the cage will rust, the crushing bars becomes brittle and crumbles to the ground as it widens the entrance. And hopefully, one day I will make my return to the cage and give my thanks for protecting me. Just that.  

Freedom is general. Others have a different idea of it, but for me it is coming out. As explained by my analogy. I will go out, but not for now. I will be painful, but not impossible. It will feel like I lost everything, but eventually gain everything I need. I will have to leave but most importantly make my return and be accepted by the people I love.


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