God is Not Dead

“How can you hate somebody that doesn’t exist?”- Josh Wheaton  

I watched this movie because it came up in my newsfeed in facebook. I just felt compelled to watch it. I have no regrets. At first I thought, it would be one of those movies that will simply force its message into your head without much effort. Let me just say that this movie gave respect to the watcher’s free will.   To be honest, I felt like crying in every Philosophy class scene in this movie and other selected scenes. I agree and disagree at different points raised. I felt crying because it reminded me of how I felt when I myself took Philosophy class (and whenever I am reduced to self thought when I’m bored) when these point was raised. Though my professor wasn’t like the one in the movie (I believe no one is like that because I haven’t experienced one so to me a character like that remains ficitonal) but the conflict between the two statement was enough to send me teary-eyed.  

I started making this post right after watching the movie and right after the first pargraph I double-checked for the name of the protagonist, Josh wheaton. I came across a lot of reviews in the process and most of which are negative. Most of them find the movie offensice, stereotypical, a propaganda and etc. This later on affected me. I actually changed my review from a “Great movie” to a “thought provoking movie which I always find interesting” both entirely true. Not to retract my finding it a good movie, but I did find the basis of the professor’s atheism as a stereotype and it had been bothering me. I mean when I watched the trailer aside from the arguments that will be presented I was also interested to the the answer of the professot to Josh question “Why do you hate God?”  

There, a perfect example of how much the majority’s perspective and opinion will influence an individual. I am telling you that right after the movie I was so fascinated that I decided to post two things today(which I will still do). But after I read the review of let us say a percentage of the population who watched it and of course gave a negative reaction, I change my review to something lesser than before. I actually smiled when I realized this. How I thought this movie gave me realizations but was not actually the main point of me watching it, rather to make me realize that regardless of the subject I will always be compelled to hear the other side, the side I actually did not believe  in.

In the end, I did not make a choice because I do not have to.I have made my choice even before I watched the entire movie. I guess I watched it in my desire for understanding others, exposed to such such sensitive topics and an exercise to be open-minded. I watched it, got fascinated by it and inspired by it similar to why I read and watched Dan Brown’s books and other thought provoking movie which other’s find as blasphemous, offensive, induces doubt, strengthens faith but in the end the final review relies to the each individual watchers.  

And to those who know themselves and enjoy in the realm of thoughts, won’t find it an issue to think things over because for them thinking is entertaining. Much like me, so my final say to this movie is…  

It is entertaining.


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