SB Exp: The Classic Mocha

This is for Mocha in general.

Mocha is Mystique (yes, the shape-shifter).   Mocha had been one of the basic coffee I had in SB. For that I believe it is one of the blend mostly experimented upon. In their menu, they have White Chocolate Mocha, Mocha, Dark Mocha and for this season we have Peppermint mocha. I compared Mocha to Mystique because no matter what form or color it takes, I know it is mocha because the distinct taste is there. White Chocolate Mocha obviously had white chocolate in it so it is a bit sweeter and much lighter in color compared to other mocha. As for the dark mocha, the sharp and bitter taste of dark chocolate enhance the bitter taste of coffee even more. The dark chocolate also deepens the mocha color even more. And back to the simple mocha which I always have whenever I have to buy coffee not only in SB. In vending machines, convenience stores, coffee booths and even mocha flavored doughnuts. I just love the marriage of chocolate and coffee.


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