“You Bring Color into my Life”

Ever since I was a child I loved watching anime. As I get older I watch animes that I can relate to, thus having a more mature plots. During my last years in college, I had been fascinated by animes with protagonists that seem to be bored with their life (and wears a pair of glasses except for oreki) like…

Guys from Sakamichi no Apollon, Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso and Hyouka

I can deeply relate to them. Living in what seemed to be the endless cycle of day and night, school and home. Submerged in the deep thought. Living a routined or scripted life. As Kousei puts it a “Monotone”, Oreki “Black and white” and Nishimi “It will soon be over.” they are introverts, preferring small groups of people or none at all. Escaping the crowd. Not much into rigorous physical activities like sports.
But then they changed when they meet….


….someone that disturbs the tranquil but colorless life. Someone who doesn’t seem to care to break the barrier they put up. Someone that fascinated them, made them blush, eyes sparkle, puts them at peace but different from their colorless life. It seemed like the strings of fate had bound them to a long lasting relationship. Since then these protagonists had done things they started doing new things or old thing they had stopped doing. Finally their character develops complexity living a better colorful life…


Maybe the reason behind my fascination to these animes is that I long for someone who will make my life colorful just like theirs. I know it is childish to believe that fiction can become reality, but we are free to dream I believe. Even though I live through my everyday reality, I am still hoping for the possibility that someone who will add color into my life will come….

…again. if given the chance, we’ll paint the masterpiece our life together.


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