First of the last.

December 1 the firsy day of the last month of the year. I can’t believe it’s Christmas again and the year is ending. Everyone seem to feel excited and all yet is always this time of the year that I feel a little emotional for some reason. Just the simple signs of Christmas looming gives me such subtle emotion. I can’t describe it in words but I’ll try. The feeling is with a bit sad but not even near the border of depression; and happy at same time. It’s like chocolate and milk, each has a distinct taste but mix them together everything is balanced.

After  several years that I celebrated Christmas it wouldn’t be surprising for me to know that this season has started just by observing the smallest things around me. Once I see these signs, it give me the choco-milk feeling.

1. The cool Christmas breeze. One thing you should know about me is that I prefer cold weather, but this breeze is just so unique compared to having a storm or rain of the year. Physically, the breeze is cold but for me its warm and comfy. The time of the year when we wear thick jackets and this Christmas breeze kisses our cheeks. I love that feeling.

2. The Smell. This varies for every person. As for me, a mild smoky scent and the peppermint scented oil reminds me of Christmas. The peppermint scented oil I bought in a Christmas Bazaar three years ago might have been responsible for this sign. As for the smoky scent, i am not sure. I guess it’s this time of the year when most people in my place burn wood to warm themselves. The cool breeze disperses the smoke giving that mild smoky scent.

3. “Give Love on Christmas Day” This song is the national anthem of Christmas. Having sung during elementary and played by the local radio stations every morning on the way to High School And University, how can this song not remind me of Cristmas?

4. The News Countdown. They start the countdown from 100 at around September but I don’t bother until the reach around 30’s. 25 is the magic number.

5. The simple star lantern. Decors are there for that obvious reason.

It’s Christmas season and in another less important side of the season… is my birthday month. I won’t share the date but it’s very close to the 25th that’s for sure. So close that the Christmas feast also becomes my celebration. I don’t bother much about it and receiving one gift for Christmas and birthday. I feel happy instead. Either that or I just don’t know how it feels to celebrate my birthday seperate from Christmas and receive two gifts a year. Before you feel sorry for me, having my birthdays celebrated during Christmas has its pros:

1. Our family is complete.
2. The food, well, I can’t argue with the expenses because we are celebrating two events in one day. In short, it is enought to feed us an entire week without getting bored or used to the taste. Mind you, it doesn’t taste like left overs.
3 the gifts. I might only receive one gift once a year but I am proud to say it is always one of those gifts that makes people whose birthdays are far from Christmas wanna say “please make this my birthday and Christmas gift!” I’m just lucky that the people around me are like “I’m going to give him one gift once a year, I guess it’s better to give what he really wants.” either they think that way or I am that grateful and appreciative. Any way for my teenage years I have receive all my treasured toys and gadgets during this season. For what I can remember I received my Game boy advanced, Gameboy micro, PSP, and Digital Camera all during this season. And I received them when they all first came out since this season is the favorite choice of companies to release their new products because people will most likely buy them due to financial abundance.

Other Christmas gifts were new phones. I’m not that fascinated with phones to be honest because I just use then for calling and texting. My friends don’t text much either so It ends up as a means of people to contact me not me contacting them most of the time. So my phones are not easily destroyed or stolen, so they accumulate yearly and retire when they get too old. I gave away some of it just to be of use.

I wonder what will happen this Christmas….

Maybe I feel this way because each year the people I celebrate it  changes or gets lesser….

Maybe, I feel this way because I’ll be celebrating it as an adult.

I’ll be turning 21. I wonder how different will my Christmas and Birthday be this year.


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