The Iron Igloo

Right after waking up, I had a sudden surge of hatred towards over information. The reality we live in where we are fed with information we don not actually need. It may be our fault to be there exposing ourselves in the first place but we can’t help it especially when we are looking for knowledge that actually matter.

To prevent this from ruining my day I satisfy myself with another wild imagination.

I imagine there is a small igloo shaped house somewhere. Completed with everything that I need and want. I can access the web but only for the purpose of ordering basic necessities. Watching movies, Reading books. Cooking. Having the time for art and crafts. A home that is timeless. Peaceful.

I also imagined of participating in a study which provide the same environment. A tusy with a topic about the time it would take for somebody to become insane by secluding himself from society. Of course that won’t be forced, the door is always open for me to live but……here is the catch, the researchers will provide everything I need and will pay me every day I will be there. If I decide to go I will get the accumulated money during my stay in their simulated environment.

Then I asked myself….Will I force myself to stay there in order to get more money or will I simply go out when I’ve reach the limit of being alone?

I might stay for a very long time…..but if I feel the need to go out I will undoubtedly go out.

(sigh) It’s always easier not to care. But I know for a fact that life will never always be easy. If it were, it wouldn’t be called a life.


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