The Sky that Humbles All

It’s been a while since I have seen a clear blue sky. This clear sky on the day or just a few hours before Super Typhoon Hagupit/Ruby will hit the region of Visayas. The thought scares me. The victims of Super Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda who are still a long way from recovering might again be facing another calamity.

In another thought, when all people look at the enormous sky how unreachable it seem no one would notice how low or high they are. Whether you are rich or poor, handsome/pretty or hideous and dumb or stupid, any other things that people make up to make themselve different from the rest of the world…..the sky remains above us. Unreachable. Nobody is near or too far from it. If our success in life is materialize into earth beneath our feet that rise each time we have attained something, we will only see how far we are if we look down and if we look at others.

The sky is for dreamers. Dreamers is encouraged by their dreams and goals alone. For them, the Sky is the limit which, in my opinion is limitless.People on high ground believe dreamers look up to them when they are actually looking at the sky. This is now the difference between the people on higher ground. One, people who continue to rise without knowing how far they have reach will never be contented. Two, people who stop and look at eye level realized that no matter how hard they try they will never reach the sky, these people gave up are technically the living dead who deacend until they reach the ground. Three, the people who look down they can either loath their success, throw stones at the people below them or help those people. Those who loath their success and throw stones will have nobody to catch them when they fall and hit the ground harder. Those who help others will have someone to cling on when they fall and if they do not fall they will have someone with them to make the journey to the skies more meaningful.

All that just by looking at the vast empty sky while waiting for a ride home.


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