Free Will.

The answer to the question why some people prefer to love someone who the majority believes is not right. Yes, the argument man is for a woman and woman is for man is valid, strong and written. We acknowledge that. I acknowledge that but, what I acknowledge the most is the gift of Free Will given to each and everyone of us. It was given to us so we can love him freely. Choose him freely.

How do we know if we chose the path to him? We don’t, only he does.

I’m sorry to say that I’d rather choose to love someone unconventional and be judged by the people around me than pretend to love someone I don’t just to please the majority where in faft I should be pleasing someone more Important.

Live truthfully.

As for me (and some people like me), I’ll get there one at step at the time.
No more hurting someone to please everyone. I won’t commit the same mistake again.


One thought on “Free Will.

  1. It’s not easy, I know! But doing the opposite thing would be just hurtful. It’s better to get judged than lying on something so visceral and deep as love… I’ve done this, I’ve lied to myself, and I won’t let this happen anymore. I won’t be a better or worse person just because of this.


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