How amazing would it be to express your feelings in front of everyone an to allow yourself to be understood? Such a daring move but in the end you realize it is not for everyone but for a certain someone…..and that someone is yourself.

Because for the first time in your life you expressed yourself in front of everyone. You showed them how you do things differently, how at ease you are at doing it. For one moment you became the river that flowed seamlessly through the rocks. The way you do and perceive things may be different, but you are happy. The happiness radiates from you in that short time you expressed yourself. You are happy and you want to let it stay that way. The audience no longer matters because there is no way they can find their happiness in you when you decide to be happy. They may not know how to react, because they might have failed to understand you or they wish that they find their happiness just like you did when you expressed yourself.

You are free. A free soul amongst the caged souls. You either inspire, disappoint or both, but it doesn’t really matter to you now, does it?

You found yourself. Or might have made someone find you.

(P.S. I just finished watching Episode 10 of Your Lie in April and this post was inspired by it. To me the episode left an unexplainable feeling…..and that is just amazing. Just made me want to express myself in things that I can do like writing and drawing just as Arima, the protagonist, did to express what he had been through)


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