Spring in winter

I can feel the plane descending. The engine seem to get less noisy. The lovely stewardess informed us that we’re about to land, the time is 9:37 am (about 6 hours ahead from where I came from), quite chilly outside and slightly cloudy. My heart is unstable as the rough landing of the plane.

A new chapter in my life….I wonder how this one will begin. It all depends on that person.

After 3 years I got my life together. I studied for the international certification and finally got it. Renewed my expired passport and got my visa. I am all set. I came out just a few weeks before this flight. They did not accept it well. I don’t blame them. I hold no grudge against them nor do I regret anything. I’ve prepared for this and waited for this moment for the years I’ve known all along. I’ll go back to them when they are ready.

In a few minutes I can finally see Nate. A friend I made through a dating site I joined purely out of curiosity and well for the sake of making friends who were not after sex. He’s thoughtful and never seem to run out of ideas to talk about. We’d chat for hours. I was actually surprised that I already found someone to talk to on my first try. We exchanged messages, sharing our day to day activities. Last week I told him that I got a job at Denmark, the country he is currently living. He simply said “I can’t wait to meet you.” and logged out. We have not spoken to each other since then.

The other passengers started to stand and get their things lining up to the nearest exit. My hands trembles as I reach for my hand carry and walk towards the exit one step at a time. After all the meticulous process of Copenhagen airport, I’m finally on my way out. I passed by a few people holding a bond paper with names or iPads with names. I quickly scanned through them and none had my name on it. I chuckled silently when I found how absurd it is to expect Nate to come when he didn’t even say he’d wait at the airport he just said he can’t wait to meet me.

After a long walk through the lobby, I saw him. Looking at me with a grin on his face. Before I knew it my eyes started to fill with tears. Before they even feel he hugged me tight. In such a cold country, i finally felt warmth. He loosened up and held my shoulders and kissed me on my lips for a few seconds then looks at my eyes and said

“FYI, I don’t welcome ordinary people like that. But you aren’t ordinary, are you?

Speechless. We were like the tiny spot of spring amidst the winter season.


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