I’ve always found this ability amusing. Directing the conversation to or away from a particular topic without the other person knowing it. OR, knowing what to say in every response of the person I am talking to or having an argument with. I’ve  mentioned before that I thinking is one of my ways to kill time and one of the things I think about is this, KNOWING WHAT TO SAY. Having a response whether verbal or non verbal I think about it during this time. Especially when presented with a particular life stimulus (like being pissed off or someone started an argument with me) at time like this the shortest and most concise and probably the more sarcastic reply is the best response. It became a hobby of mine and sometimes I got so carried away that I deliver the lines out lout or make faces suddenly…….and maybe that’s why my friends call me crazy, but they know they know I am the last person they should mess with.

Anyway one of my examples (a rather old one) is if someone ask about my sexuality.

Someone: ” are you gay?”

Brain: “does it really matter?”

Someone: Yes ( a No answer here is rather stupid but either way it will lead to the situation presented in my brain’s next reply)

Brain: “Whether I answer yes or no, the truth or a lie, it will depend on what you believe in. If I tell you No, having a gay first impression on me, of course you’ll think I’m lying (which would be true) since you wouldn’t ask an obvious straightvguy if he’s gay, right? Unless you find something gay about him. If I answer yes, you’ll think I’m joking even though that is the truth.

“Your choice. Your opinion. I’ll respect that, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the truth.”



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