Simply Priceless

After having a few months of from studying anything related to medicine and delving into the field of business I can’t help but differentiate the two. One of the must critical difference between the two is regarding the matter of needing and being needed.

“In medical service, the patient need me. In business, I need customers.”

That’s probably the reason I lost some enthusiasm in managing our family business lately. Then add some unruly customers who prefers to be pleased than say please. I’d rather reserve my service or the best kind of service to those who need it and will appreciate it. Their number might only be small but their impatience is quite unreasonable. I understand their demands if they are sick or in pain, but no that wasn’t their situation.

Anyway, let’s just say I’m not the business type. I do sell things sometimes but I make sure that it’s worth their money, even if I get only a little profit from it. Fit some reason,  I find happiness in the happiness of others, glad to ease some of their inconvenience and happy to be of service. I feel happy when they say thank you,  it wasn’t painful or I like the food you prepared for us yesterday.

Now that is something money can’t buy. Can anybody quantify how much comfort a patient gets with proper care? How about how much each sincere thank you every patient gives after he/she gets well? Yes, every drug in the market has a monetary value but can anybody quantify the effort in making those drugs,  improving them?  The effort of thinking the best drug out of thousands of drugs to be prescribed for a patient. Not to mention anxious feeling of what possible side effect it could cause to the patient? I admit not all medical personnel are like this but that doesn’t mean they are all heartless. They might be numbered by deaths they have seen in front of them, crying families and stone where in their past, might even have blamed themselves.

No one can pay for that just as how good it feels to see the patient recovering. Saving a life not playing it with your hands. Always remember that life is priceless.

In this chosen field I may not see the progress of my achievements in figures, I might be a slave to the demand and be in service of those who are in need but I believe I will be glad to be of service everytime someone says Thank you.

Fulfillment only people like me  can experience.


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