Nostalgic’s Wish

“Sometimes I wish the old times back, then I realize during that time I wished for this present as my future.”

When I was under the inevitable stress of college I always dreamed of finishing it and finally be free, having my time at my own hands. During those days when I have to study for 8 hours a day at school and at more than 4 hours of doing assignments or reports at home. I got fed up. And I know most, had the same sort of “trauma” most of my colleagues and friends saying they no longer want to pursue their Masterals or Medicine is evident of that.

Another instance is our business. For most of the year 2014 my parents have been thriving for our small business. Continuing it on a day to day basis. The profits paid for the debts. They no longer have salaries for themselves just to pay their employees right and on time. We no longer buy groceries at home we just buy food outside. They always prayed for the success of our business, and addition of another branch. And that prayer was answered the remaining quarter of this year. We got accepted to cater in a canteen for call center agent for 24 hours. We were given 1 year contract. Since we started business has been doing good. It’s actually amazing that countless prayers can be answered in a matter of minutes at the right time. Not only that we got more than whatbwe asked for. We were given another opportunity to cater another building.

Now that I got what I have, a graduate I can’t simply stay home. i have to work and earn money somehow. I may kot have the stress of academics but I have the stress of life, the real one. My parents on the other hand have a greater bracket for profit but also greater things to do. Since we operate for 24 hours they have little sleep. I also lack rest as I help them out. All of us seem to lack time to do the things we want.

We cannot complain because this is what we wanted. When we asked God for bread, he didn’t give us bread. He gave us what we needed to make bread and made us learn how to make it. He did not give us one bread but gave us a way to make more than one bread.

I just lack time for myself. It was awhile since I had this kind of rest. I really just miss it. Eventually I’ll be back to work or whatever I do like nothing happened.

So to those who are reading this by chance and have problems or stress that you want to get over it immediately….Don’t hate it so much because you’ll miss it someday…..savour it instead, do everything you can to deal with the reality you have so won’t have regrets in the future. And always be thankful for it, there are always bigger problems than what you have and this is an opportunity for you to expand your capacity to deal with problems and in the future, ready to face those “bigger problems”


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