When You are born Handsome

(obviously not about me)

I always had this thought everytime I am out observing other people to kill time.
Not that I perceive myself as ugly, ratherI just find or notice the beautiful aspects of other people better than mine.

Ooh, I like that goofy smile, the way those lips curve, that smooth and soft blemish free face, that slightly pale skin tone, that perfectly symmetrical nose, those squinty brown eyes or slightly big round eyes….etc.

Almost all the time I can see something nice from a person. One of the most common is in terms (forgive me for this) is body shape. I am aware that there certain issues regarding social standards on weight but I admit I am not comfortable with my body type and had been trying to get slimmer and fit. It’s more of a personal standard or goal to have the body type I admire from others. Like a not so obvious silhouette of the chest when wearing a shirt, a visible clavicle, that perfect v shape body, that curve the back makes when on 3/4  view, a barely noticeable belly while sitting.

These may sound like insecurities but for me they remain as goals. Difference? You have insecurities if you do nothing about it,  otherwise you have goals.

On the other hand, after noticingsome thing beutiful from a person, the next question I ask myself is “Does he or she know what I find beautiful in him or her?” I ask this often, especially upon seeing someone who I find beautiful and 90% of the population will agree with me. Because most of the time these people don’t know it and even have insecurities. Yes, nobody is made perfect, everyone may have imperfections but that doesn’t mean you are a mistake.

I’m going to be brutally honest. Nobody is really going to be contented with what they have so it really is useless to tell “be contented” it’s human nature to have endless wishes even after death. Instead, always keep in mind that you have to continually work for what you think is for the better. That is not being greedy, unless you decide to get what you want at the expense of others.


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