So yeah, I just graduated from college yesterday. It may be the last one or not, I don’t know. I’m not making a big deal out of it since I got out of college half a year ago, it’s just the ceremony that was delayed. It made my parents happy though. I can see the happiness and fulfillment in their eyes. So that was yesterday’s highlight.

Graduation = Goodbyes
The most heartbreaking moment in graduations. Friends have to say goodbye to each other to fulfill their dreams. It’s sad to feel the uncertainty of meeting each other again. The fear this may be the last day we’ll meet again. It’s sad to say goodbye, but it is necessary.

I’m back in my room with the lights off. Scrolling through the photos of my colleagues yesterday. The happy faces close together in a tight frame of the photo. I didn’t take many photos, only with my family. I have occassionally some friends pulling me to have a picture with them and I oblige. I felt happy for those people.


I allowed my insecurities get hold of me. I love how I look, but not in photos. And for that reason, I don’t take a lot of pictures of myself. I don’t have a well documented social media life. Yet, I have people remembering me. Those are my friends. They may not have a physical photo with them, they remember me through the memories we shared. The thought of that makes me happy and I’ll see in a few years when we meet again if that is true.


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