Life Run

It doesn’t matter whether you finish first or last. It’s about what happened from the moment you began with the first step until the moment you raise your hands when you finish.

During the race…did you feel the enthusiasm rush in within you and run as fast as you can? Then did you feel tired or exhausted even though you can still see where you have started? Or stopped and wonder why you are doing this and wanted to turn around and go back? Have you exprienced falling down or tripping, making you think this really is a bad idea? And yet you stood up, another runner asking if you are okay and slowed down just to be with you for a while. When you were up and running, the person ran ahead of you. Did you ever feel thirsty or hungry for the long hours of running? The pain of your sore muscles started to accumulate tbe moment you see the finish line. As you get nearer, you see many people behind you getting ahead of you and crossing the finish line… started feeling getting left behind. But it wasn’t about being first isn’t it, it is about not giving up. Remember that those people were behind you and they must have felt what you are feeling the moment they got pass you. Why should that stop you… didn’t stop them?

Yes, you didn’t get first. And maybe the last one who finish, but who cares. Remember that every year and every race the winner will always be replaced. The experience will always be different and that is the unique medal everyone gets.

Where are you in the race?

As for me, I was left behind. Feeling like a loser, a retard for being slow and late when I was perfectly capable of finishing the race with everyone else. But now I can see the end of the race and the people holding the ribbon at the finish line.

I realize it was worth it.


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