Every time I think about you, I always wonder if you do what I do and I do what you do. I am immersed in this illusion that you are the one for me only that we haven’t met yet, that right time destiny has set.

Every time I take a sip of iced coffee, I imagine you lifting your cup of hot coffee in the morning.
When I eat my breakfast of eggs, bacon and garlic fried rice, I imagine yours would be a bowl of cereal.
On my way to work, waiting for a cab I imagine you jogging on around the park listening to your music.
At work, while typing some paperworks you could be writing a poem or a new song. While making a presentation you could be doodling a wacky cartoon. 
During lunch, as I eat with my coworkers coming up with jokes you could be in a group just like me, but instead of telling jokes your the one is likely to laugh.
When I pick a pen, you might pick a pencil. When I drink a bottle of tea, you might be opening a can of soda. 
While cooking dinner, you could be buying yours. I imagine both of us eating in front of the television. Washing the dishes, you throwing the paper box. Getting ready to bed.
I wonder and think about you until I fall asleep. While you think about her as you text her “Good Night”
…. Waking me up from my daydream of you. Breaking my heart with the reality until I can sleep. Hoping that I can dream of the same daydream.
Maybe in another life, EJ…..
It is possible.

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