Dying Twice

I died twice in my dream last night. It was both caused by car accident. I tried to remember as much because this dream is a first and a bit weird.

Well don’t really have a beginning or we just don’t know how it began. The first accident happened at night. After I was distributing some sort of money and products with two persons at the front seat of the car. I know these two were people I either respect or were strangers since they ask me to do the distributing at the back seat window and I obliged. I also know we were of the same age since i didn’t use honorifics. I knew I died in this dream. I just know.

The second death I remember more because, well it was later and just moments before waking up. I was on a trip with my friends in celebration of us passing our licensure exams. We were running beyond the speed limit of the highway and suddenly jumped off the highway, tumbling across huge pile of rocks. We were all dead. I visit my own wake. I saw myself in the casket, my cheeks badly deformed and my legs deformed. The gray suit i wore was something I bought just two months ago(yes in the real world) and it is badly wrinkled and too big for the casket. On my way out they played some of my voice recordings which were familira to me……but haven’t actually made in the real world and at this point I’m afraid to make one.
Then I woke up in our old House, accepting I might be a ghost. My parents arrived looking like they came from a burial. I kissed them and they had no reaction. I poured a pale of water on the floor and to my surprise my mother hugged me.
They knew I was there. They can see and touch me like i was alive. But I really died.

I was more stunned to see myself in the casket than actually dying. Weird.

I don’t know what this means but it was a dream and good plot for a story.


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