Nothing is Easy

Accept the fact that nothing is easy in life. No dream will be served on a silver platter for me to enjoy its fulfilment. I have to acknowledge that as early as now. No one decides to go on a mountain without aspiring to reach the peak. You have to climb it, not go around it.

I reached the point where I see my self spot where multiple paths branch out. The roads to take are limitless. Some of the paths will never meet or intertwine. Others will intersect each other, while others will eventually merge to form a bigger path. I am after that path where majority of these roads will eventually merge.

But I am stuck at the very foot of the mountain I decided to climb, with all these roads to top. Without knowing which one will take me to the peak faster, which one is the safest, the most dangerous, satisfying, etc. Not one road is right, or alike.Eventually I have to take my first step on the road I choose. Not knowing how it will work on me or change me, I just have to take the first step.

I want to know what I want. No one can answer that for me. Once I decide what I want at present, I’ll make my first step. After that nothing can stop me. I might slow down at first but I am certainly making progress.

It all begins with one big step. I’ll get higher and higher on my mountain of dreams as long as I continue walking towards the peak. It won’t be easy, but it’s better than staying at foot of the mountain continuously daydreaming of the sights of its peak as time passes by, roads become inaccessible.


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