Useless Locks and Labyrinths

I’ve heard people say they already have someone in their heart, “they have locked it for someone” or it only has room for one. For some reason, those people who said those words, after the people who had occupied their hearts seem to have locked it for good with emptiness lingering in them. I thought of this analogy, after I experienced the feeling myself.

The heart (the figurative one) is boundless, an open meadow. We may think of it with compartments, the biggest one for the destined one. When we love someone we thought he or she stays there and the time they spend in our heart is within our control. We thought of locking our hearts, making walls or labyrinths in our hearts just to let them stay there. We believe that they have no choice but to stay there. But no……it’s always up to them.

To them it will always be an open meadow. Anytime they chose to leave, they will leave. Those walls we built will seam like a curtain of fabric they can just sway. They always had the key for those locks. They could always fly above the labyrinth. They are always free.

But us, who made those defense or prison it is real. We are now empty and no one can enter that compartment because the walls that supposedly kept someone in will now keep everyone out. Those locks that used to protect someone will prevent anyone to enter your heart. The labyrinth we made will only complicate our heart.

We feel empty for a long time not because someone who used to be in our heart left and he or she can only occupy that place, it is because our hearts has become too tough for others to enter because of the locks, walls and labyrinths we had made.


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