2:49 AM

One day you will wake up, not wanting to live like this anymore. Waking up at 1 o’clock in the afternoon. Eating what supposed to be your breakfast at 3 pm. Channel surfing for an hour. Episode marathon of the series you are currently interested in. Cooking dinner at 9 pm. Getting ready for bed, not for sleeping but for queuing your downloads, playing candy crush until you run out of lives, reading books and having thoughts, dreams or ideas that you can do tomorrow (technically, later).

Those dreams or thoughts of what do and when to do it remains a dream after waking up and you end up doing the same thing everyday. One day you will wake up.

You become prey of insecurity from social media. You can see how your friend gets to travel to these places. It’s not that you like to go to those places but the idea of travelling agitates the green monster of envy in you. You make excuses that you hate the hot sunny weather, you might get sunburn, you are out of money and other countless boundaries you acknowledge to exist, preventing you to even have the will to do what they are doing. I hope you get a nightmare of a green monster of envy suffocating you with all the things you could have if only you did something about it. Getting sucked into the stagnant pools of regrets. Just for you to wake up.

Wake up.

You have dreamt of having a job. Practicing your profession. Money is not a problem as long as you can go out when you want to, eat what you want and do what you want. You imagined yourself having a studio type condo like the one you saw in an expo few years back. You imagined feeling thankful for even watching TV for just an hour after a long day of hard work. Sitting on a sofa you chose and bought. You’ve never thought of being invited for a party or bar, but it is fine because for you the best way to relieve stress is stay home. Look at your achievements, the condo unit you have, the flat screen TV, Small kitchen with a stove and oven. A stainless refrigerator and a nice Japanese style bathroom, with a tub/shower. You dreamt about this. You dreamt of independence. Independence, so you for at least a small probability can meet someone like you.

So wake up. How long are you going to sleep? Living in world of dreams?

Wake up and turn dreams into reality. When you are living the dream, I will never dare to wake you up.


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