Wishful Thinking

“You have three wishes. But I am not God can grant every wish, so there are boundaries. First, I can’t give life therefore no resurrections, immortality or dancing teacups. Second, I can’t make anyone fall in love. Falling in love is spontaneous, bending the will of another is not spontaneous. Third, wishing for more more wishes will be counted as one wish but will not be granted, so don’t even try. Other than that, say the magic word.”

“I wish for…..”

“World peace. No country expanding beyond their territory and stealing another nations resources, instead develop and maximize their own. No nation developing weapons of mass destruction that serves not other purpose than intimidate other countries. Instead, use those funds for social welfare, developing medicine for the sick, feeding the hungry and solving poverty.”

“Nature’s recovery. Lowering global temperature, bringing back the green vibrant lush of forest that dominated the land before cities, our bodies of water optimum of life, and wild animals endangered or not, living peacefully in their habitat.”

“I’ll save my last wish.”

“You have two choices, either I bring you back in time or I’ll deplete your population in order to grant your two wishes.

“Is that necessary?!”

“Yes, otherwise, your two wishes will be be considered void.”

“Then I’ll use my last wish…..”

“I wish you to provide me everything I need to fulfill the first two wishes”

What do you think will he give me?


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