I bought 4 fishes for my aquarium a few months ago. While feeding them awhile ago, I felt like I was living like them for more than a month now.

They swim in their 12 inch long aquarium. I walk around in our apartment.
I feed them after I eat. They just swim their days out. Not a single one of them bored (as if I can prove that) or just stay in one place. They just swim.

I’m like these fishes. I don’t even know what they are. I bought them for 10 php each in a nameless aquarium. I bought them because they were cheap and my four year old goldfish (a gift) died of unknown cause. I have to use the aquarium and fishes are quite relaxing.

Why don’t we cry when our pet fish die? When other pets die such as dogs and cats, we cry our hearts out but when it comes to fishes, we can let go of them without even shedding a tear. Probably because they live in an aquarium. You cannot pet a fish, hug it, and take it out for a walk. Fishes do not poop on your carpet, they don’t bark or purr and they do not chew your slippers.

It may seem illogical for a person to take care of something without getting much from it. I clean their aquarium. I buy their food. I keep them alive and what do I get? I can watch their graceful dance under a dim light that makes me sleepy. They swim to my direction when they see me (or maybe they’re waiting for me to feed them).

For  more than a month I live like them.In an aquarium called home. With people who takes care of me called parents.I give them dances called chores. When they arrive, beds folded, dishes washed, swept floors, cooked rice and food, and clothes neatly folded in the closet.

I am not a fish. I will not stay in this aquarium forever. My value cannot be expressed in money. I am not nameless, I have my own identity. When I die, I cannot be replaced.

The only difference between me and those fishes is their number. The four of them have each other while I just have myself.


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