Bakit kaya ang hilig maghanap ng tao ng wala?

Noong meron, hindi pinapansin. Ngayon na wala, hinahanap hanap.

Sadyang ganito na lang ba?

Haay….nakakapagod din minsan ang magbigay ng hinahanap pag wala. Masakit na sabihin na wala pag hinanap kahit naman meron kaya lang hindi nila kailangan.

Hay. Ang drama ko. Nagbebenta lang naman ako ng wala sa tindahan.



Soulmate. The One. My destiny, The fated one.

And other names you can call them. They are always mentioned in romantic novels. A story of finding them. The signs and clues to identify them from the rest. They are described with such words that make you love them just like how the protagonist does. Making you feel what they feel. And most commonly make you long for them even more.

I, too have read romantic novels and watched romantic movies. They all circle around this person. The most important of which or the most fascinating thing is how soulmates meet. Along a park? In a library? On the street bumping to one another? An accident? All it took was a glance, an eye to eye contact, an unintentional touching of hands and everything going slow. The moment can be as magical as it can get.

Now Let’s deal with the reality. Can you really tell who your soulmate is?

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by Rabindranath Tagore

“Alas for our foolish human nature! Its fond of mistakes is persistent. The dictates of reason take a long time to assert their own way. The surest proofs meanwhile are disbelieved. False hope is clung to with all one’s might and main, till a day comes when it has sucked the heart dry and it forcibly breaks through its bonds and departs. After that comes the misery of awakening, and then once again the longing to get back into the maze of the same mistake.”


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