Best Beginnings

They say it always feels good at the start. Everything seems right and pretty magical. Everything fits, happy and sparkly. A beautiful start. Yes it is nice to have a wonderful beginning. But as they say, “what matters most is what comes after the beginning” The time you started seeing your differences, having misunderstandings and having a quarrel. The time you start hurting each other with words the stab like daggers. Sometime during that time, you’ll feel sad, hurt and a hint of regret. They say this is the most crucial time. The both of you are being tested. They say survive this and you can survive more. The scars are there but the both of you will be proud of it. Not because you caused those scars to each other but because the both of you endured the pain that each other had caused, forgave each other and now can kiss, hug, hold hands and smile to each other.

In the end, it is worth it. But there is really no end to it.

You have the best of beginnings. Whatever happens in between the both of you should always make sure you have the best ending.


One thought on “Best Beginnings

  1. Me and my ex went downhill after a while. The arguments became a marathon of self-mutilation. Constantly bringing each other down. Make up sex even became mediocre after a while. I will always respect his secrets, his discretion, his embarassing moments, and his vulnerability. But i think any anger (no matter how artificial it is) can prevent me from trying to reenact our honeymoon phase. Its the past. You can still cry about it sometimes but acceptance and forgiveness goes a long way.


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