Just for One Day

Just for one day…

Let me sit beside you on the side walk in front of your dorm
Looking up at the night sky, shivering in the cold
Beneath the starry night and the smiling moon
We chat with our shaky voice
Sipping the warm coffee I bought
Smiling and laughing at random things

Just for one day, let me be the one beside you..

Saturday afternoon, classes are over
Let’s go to the free movie house in town
Watch a French indie film, with only us inside
Watch, without understanding
The utter silence we have, to appreciate each other’s presence
Our soft whispers that pierce the french dialogues

Just for one day, Let’s do this again.

10:00 pm, after the evening news I register to a call promo
a hundred minutes for us to talk uninterrupted
To talk again of anything, from the rundown of what happened during the day
To the movies and shows, to the preposterous imaginations
11:35…..11:39 we countdown to the end of the promo
Saying Goodbye to each other endlessly until the call gets cut off
My ears red, warm and moist….my brain probably toasted with radiation

Just for one day, Let’s call each other again.

Let me walk beside you on our way to the school canteen
Let me hold your hands on our way to your dorm
Let me kiss you on the cheek when you start acting like a boy
Let me hug you tight when during the cold mornings at school
Let me pinch your chubby cheeks to tease you
Let me tell you you’re beautiful and see you deny it
Let me hear your voice again, and tell you you’re such a singer
Let me fold paper lillies again ever 25th day of the month
Let me whisper I love again in your ears, randomly
Let us eat in front of Fishball cart, like it’s ours
Give me notes with your annotations and cute post-its whenever I am absent in class

Let me hear you say “I love you” once again.

Just for one day, Let me be your boyfriend again.
Just for one day. Let me love you again.

Just for one day. That’s all I need, so I won’t feel like this again.


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