The Warmth of a Jacket

Wear a jacket when it’s cold. I wonder why I’m wearing one now. The room I am in is at roon temperature, around 22-23 degrees celsius, which i find comfortable without wearing a jacket. But i chose to wear one now because the thing I want to cover with a jacket cannot be covered with a jacket.

Again, I feel the emptiness inside me. A punch through the chest. A blackhole, a vacuum, thick dark energy that cause pain in every beat and swirl.  It feels like my heart is slowly shrinking to the negative space it is in. As it get smaller it gets heavier and harder. Pulling back the tears, swallowing every emotion on my face and pain i feel. I feel like drying up. Crumbling into boulders, then rocks and to sand. Turning to a hard solid statue.

And all I needed was a jacket. How silly of me.


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