Blanks Page. Blank People.

I believe that in the world we live in there are Blanks. At first it may sound like off-putting or an insult to be called a Blank. I hope I’ll be able to change that or at least put up a better image of being a blank. Before I continue, what do I mean when I say “Blank?”

In my opinion, a Blank person is like a Blank Page. What is so special about a Blank Page or Blank person? None. That’s it, like a Blank page, a blank person is empty. Devoid of any distinguishing marks, there’s nothing so different from others. I know this is a bad start if I am really trying to put up a good image of a Blank. A physical apperance of a Blank is pretty ordinary. It won’t cause you to have a second look, sometimes you won’t even notice or even bother looking. They are not ugly. (Based on the standards of society. sigh). Let’s just say they are in the middle, the common middle, where they are rarely noticed because they did not reached the glorious, glowing perfection of beauty nor they have a face that can only be looked at once.(based on society’s standards again). Anyway, Blanks are passive in personality. Generally, they are average in everything. They are always within the majority.

Enough with the bad mouthing. Blank persons like Blank pages are empty. What do you do with empty pages? You write on them, Draw, Paint, or fold them to something else. Blanks persons are full of potential and endless possibilities they can turn to. If other people have been given a talent since birth, a blank person can learn if he wanted to. It may not be comparable to someone with a talent. But imagine, if a talented person can at most have 3 talents and a blank person is capable of trying and learning more than 3 skills, beaing a blank person is not bad at all. About physical appearance, a little tweak on the hair, extra care with the face and keeping healthy, A blank can finally catch attention. On the personality, it may be difficult but changing the personality is very crucial here. A blank person must take every opportunity he or she finds to learn something new, or improve what he or she can improve.

You either have one thing that only you can do the best or be able to to the most compared to the rest.

It sounds like Quantity over Quality right? But definitely better that feeling like “Nothing” at all, right?

What is the difference?

You are Blank when you are yet to become something.
You are Nothing, when you chose to stay as Blank.


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