A Glass of Water

“A glass of water filled halfway. Is it half full or half empty?”

The classic psychological test for optimism and pessimism. And another version comes up saying…

“It doesn’t matter if the glass is half full or half empty. It will eventually get heavier as you hold it longer.”

Whoever thought of that was right. But how exactly do you put it down? I get the fact that these stories are mere symbols and should not be taken literally, but I want to know how you but the damn glass down?

Yes, I am currently facing something right now. That anger that burns within me. It’s like a lump of coal burning in my chest, searing my soul and consuming it. It feels heavy and slowly spreading. I tried extinguishing it with tears, crushing it with trying to understand the other side of the concerned but I just end up making endless possible dialogues for arguments adding coal to the fire. 

I seek wisdom on the topic. Some calmed me down. Others encourage rage and the rest inaction and understanding.

I am up for inaction and understanding. I want to let it go but the anger itself won’t let go, it sticks to my heart as if if was waiting for something to be satisfied. 

My enemy begging for forgiveness, crying so hard, finally understanding my side. That my inaction wasn’t giving up, rather for moving one. That understanding them proved my victory.

But no. It didn’t happen and probably won’t happen. These people are really something. Drowned with pride and ego. Insecurities that grew on their minds like weeds in place of their unfulfilled dreams. Shame that swallowed their guts, making gossips and wishing ill will to others as their temporary solution to their inferiority complex. Envy and jealousy gives them a fake sense of inferiority, making their equals like villains to their otherwise fairytale like life, where every small things feel offensiv and they suddenly cry how unfair life is to them while they condemn their equal as a cause for their meaningless and shallow suffering.

When it feels like this. How can one simply put the glass down…..
….without Breaking it?


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