Random Message

I cannot put into words the reason why I am writing this for you. I was re-reading “The Alchemist” one rainy afternoon at a tea shop in a mall and suddenly had the urge to message you.
I’ve read your terrible experience. Your phone, money and your other belongings were taken from you. And thankfully you were not harmed physically. It was an experience I never imagined happening to me, that is probably why I also fear it the most.

I’m going to give you the most generic form of words to show my concern and care to you.

I know you will gain more than what you had lost. Your phone and your money etc. Trust towards other people walking in the streets with you. Taking out your cam to take magnificent pictures for us to see the beauty of the Philippines or give us foodgasms with your foodporn.

I realized for some reason you were like the shepherd boy from The Alchemist simply because you were living the dream. Traveling the country. 

From a professor who smiled a lot, who got his heart broken to a million pieces, who climbed mountains, ran races and traveled to his heart’s content to make it whole again.

I used to ask, where does he get all the money? Who’s taking his photos?

But eventually you made me realize.

You can’t put a price at genuine happiness. You don’t need to be with someone to be happy.

Thank you for being the old King for this shepherd boy who’s about to set on a journey.



2 thoughts on “Random Message

  1. Hello! Let me start of by saying THANK YOU for your concern. I am lost for words. May I ask a question? And I hope i would not offend you in anyway as i dont intend to do that… Do we personally know each other? Reading this post of yours seem to know some basic things about me 🙂

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