Letters for the Past

I have this habit of writing a letter to my future self wheneve I am experiencing difficulties or hopelessness. I believe that when I read the letter  from the past it will make me appreciate the present. Makes me happy that all those difficulties or hardships was worth it.

Today, however, I want to write a letter to my past self. A letter that will never be read by my past self since I can’t send the latters back in time. Unlike the letters for the future, i could just insert it in a book, I know I will read in the future.

Hello J,

I am your future self. I read all the letters you wrote for me and I am thankful we have a strange but beautiful line of thought. I won’t spoil you things of the future because I know you knew about them as early as your time, you are just respecting the idiosyncrasies of time and fate. It’s not that you’re  afraid of the future, you just hate getting disappointed.

Anyway, internship, graduating, boad exams and even a driver’s license… You will have them all. Finally you will be a registered voter.

However, I am stuck. I have them all, but now I am stuck. I sort of lost our dreamy eyes. One by one our dreams get slapped by reality.

Keep dreaming. Strengthen your aspiration. I know you want to be so many things. A doctor, a professor, a hospital personnel, working on a laboratory abroad, travel, get fit, etc. Never lose that dreamy eyes, use it to fuel your energy. To thrive more, pursuing those dreams even if reality is against it. Don’t let self doubt slow you down and sap your aspirations.

I know I will eventually get back at my feet. And continue my pursuit. But now I just needed rest and have a nice talk with you.

…..I’m so weird.


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