Beginner’s Luck

Yesterday, I filed my applications for a teaching position and a laboratory assistant to different institutions. I won’t deny that I got anxious. After missing out on my interview last tuesday for an opportunity to work in a hospital, really gave me a great deal of regret and embarassment. I felt so irresponsible.

Anyway, as soon as I got back I rearranged my papers and fixed my résumé. I passed the first resume to a school looking for instructors. Something felt good about th place. Everything went smoothly, all the anxiety and negativity went away. They only required my to give my NBI clearance and medical certificate in order to be scheduled for interview. I know it is still uncertain, but I need to be positive.

For the second Resume, i passed it to my old school. It was pretty crowded. But it didn’t discourage me. Fortunately, I already had everything they require so they just gave me a form to fill-up. Even though I feel like there is a lower chance of getting hired in my old school because of a number of applicants, I still filed it anyway. I said to myself I might regret not trying later on.

On my way home, I had the impression that processing for NBI and medical certificate can get very time consuming and requires some budget. In other words, difficult. But O have to do what I want to do, as of the moment I don’t want to live in the shadow of my father’s legacy or dream anymore(business which i have been working for the previous months). I am aware I am giving up privileges of being a manager/boss, but those privileges don’t make me happy anymore. Probably because I see what I am doing in our family business as child’s play or a comfort zone. I want to learn, practice what I studied for and get stressed for reasonable things and for my own problems (hahahaha, i know I will regret saying this later).

Why Beginner’s Luck?

I am able to finish everything smoothly.

  1. When I filed for a teaching position, the HR told me to complete my requirements so She can schedule me for interview already.
  2. When I filed for an assistant position, i was asked to go back the following day. When I returned I was already included for screening. And there was just two applicants.
  3. I processed my NBI Clearance in less than 10 minutes. Not knowing they no longer give forms and they only accept online application, I was unprepared. Fortunately, I brought my portable wifi and was able to register online. The process only took me 10 minutes and was able to go ahead of 30+ people in line
  4. As for the medical certificate, i decided to do laboratory test tomorrow but for the X-ray I found one near NBI and it’s cheaper. Everything was within my budget. Good thing is, if everything went to plan tomorrow, I can complete my application before the given deadline.

Even if there is no guarantee I will be accepted, might face rejection for both, go back to the way things were. I am happy.

I am happy because I tried. Finally I was able to do my plans and have processed my documents.


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