The “Thank you” Energy

Have you ever experienced being told “Thank you” by someone when you are doing your work/job? Not a favor, just your job, where you get paid and you have to do no matter how mundane/ exhausting it may be.

So far, I have observed that when I say thank you to anyone After interacting with them or having their service, they will be courteous or kind to you. Sometimes, even smile and say thank you back.

A simple thank you combined with a smile can make anyone smile no matter how exhausted, busy, angry, bored or stingy they are. It’s not a matter of being kind because I already got what I need, but in a way wanted to encourage them. Those who do good in their service will take it as a compliment/reward other than their compensation. Giving them some feeling of fulfillment. While those whose service wasn’t good, it’s up to their conscience if they’ll take it as an encouragement to do better.

Let’s just say, a cashier at a public hospital catering to an endless line, a doctor attending to patients skipping her lunch break, a canteen crew serving your food/washing a mountain of dishes….wouldn’t be nice to if we give them a simple thank you as an instant reward? That what they are doing made us happy or helped us in anyway.

Put yourself in their shoes. Won’t you feel happy to be of service?

There are times we encounter short-tempered people. Letting them release  steam can be good for them, but not for you if they choose to direct it to you. It will be hard to keep quiet while getting humiliated or shouted at but I guess it’s better not to get infected with rage as it will ruin your peace and that would be you accepting the garbage thrown at you. I’ve learned from a short story that like  an unaccepted gift, trash that is not received will always remain with the giver. It’s better for others to judge that person than judge both of you.

So thank you for reading this post. It feels good that someone actually lisyens to the thoughts of this crazy kid.


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