The Universe Conspires 

Two days ago, I was almost done with my application to another university. My demo went so well, I finally gained the confidence that I can teach. I can do this. My evaluation was very high and they only took notice of why I was wearing rubber shoes with a formal attire(hahaha). That same day, I also received a message from my alma mater that they are already considering my application and scheduled me for an exam the following week.

When I told the HR of the other university about my situation, she urged me to make a final decision and choose between them that moment. Gosh! certainty vs. uncertainty; what I need vs. what I want; brain vs. heart.

I dropped my application even Though it was certain I will get hired at the other university.

I want to serve my alma mater. Walking there, scared to death that I might not have any of the two (my fear from the beginning). I approached my professor or mentor. When she saw me, she said….

“Good thing you’re here! Please sign here” handing me a piece of paper.

It was a memo informing me I have to attend the faculty meeting this coming saturday.

The universe conspired to let me have what I truly want.


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