So much decay. Social decay…

So many people used, their ignorance taken advantage of, manipulated by people whom they gave their faith and trust. Need I say more?

I am far away from the affected area, but can’t help myself from getting bothered by it. Not the traffic, or the first hand experience of how difficult it is to go through that crowd after a long day at work. But the disturbance, the disruption, the insensitivity and how inconsiderate these people have become, is really getting to me.

How pitiful.

When people try to defend their belief but unknowingly being used to defend something else. How ignorance and stupidity is being encouraged by people to either attain power or cause chaos. 

I weep for the abuse of the words “it is my right”. I weep for the society I live in because they no longer fight for the deprived rights but fight because they have the right to do so. 

This blindness, arrogance and the herd mentality….disappointing. 

People starts to judge each other, condemning one another. Telling one another they’ll go to hell, not realizing with their misunderstanding they are both living the hell they are talking about. No one will be saved in the end.

One good thing I can see in this, is I already have an idea whom I will give my vote next year.

There are people behind this. Watching you fight for their sake, their cause and for their benefit. You think you need them because they promise you something better if you put your faith and trust in them. When in fact they need you, to supply them with power. You are their power.

But again. I am again expressing my thoughts, exercising my right. If you find it offensive, honestly speaking I don’t care.

Because that is how the society is today, you exercise your right even if it deprives the right of others. Fight for something you don’t understand. Judge others according to your standards.

It’s actually funny when these people gather in one place, how they think how big they have become. How enormous their influence is. What they fail to realize, is how they are showing everyone else how small they are. To be there is to be one of them, therefore for the rest of us at the comfort of our home, we are the group much bigger than them. Only, we decide not to gather at one place.

I agree, some people have become spoiled to the point that they cause our society’s decay.


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